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ARCADORA Detroit specialty shop Mall Retro Game Arcade Console Case Replacement Fitted

ARCADORA Retro Game Arcade Console Case Replacement Fitted Case


ARCADORA Retro Game Arcade Console Case Replacement Fitted Case

Product Description

ARCADORA Arcade Console Fitted Case - Perfectly Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B

Arcade Console Case

Support Raspberry Pi 4 mainboard, perfect fit and precise cutting. Supports Double Joysticks and Buttons, the aperture is perfectly cut.

-You can immediately start the work of your own DIY arcade console with ARCADORA Case.

Metal Base box and Acrylic Panel. Hard and Strong, with Screws and Foot Pad Prepared. DIY arcade kit, assemble it with DIY arcade stick and bottons, enjoy more fun!

-With our button kit, you can instantly have your own arcade Console.

Free GPIO Harness Cable Included, and we also provide guidance.

-Note: this GPIO harness cable requires professional skills, if you don't know how to use this, you can directly use USB-based arcade kit.

What you get: 1* Arcade Box(base and panel); 8* Rubber pat and 12*screws (It contains spare screws), best arcade cabinet kit.

Arcade Console Case
Arcade Console Case

Product Details:

Box inner diameter size: 61*19.6*5.7cm / 24.01*7.71*2.24(inch)

Depth: 5.7(cm)/2.24(inch)

-BIG and DEEP enought to contain all the diy parts you want them inside. Fits for almost all the buttons and joysticks.

ARCADORA Retro Game Arcade Console Case Replacement Fitted Case

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